Hey Josh again..

A little update for you, we are reforming as a company! Completely restructured as Small To Big CIC, which I’m super proud of, it also means a rebrand so look our for that very soon!

We still want to keep the football side of the business so small to big fc will still live on just not as a limited company, and hence the title, trequartista.

What we have discovered since forming (just over a couple of months old) is that you have to be versatile, and we are; maybe a bit tired, but versatile nonetheless.

The response has truly been overwhelming and we are now in touch with some bigger organisations that are helping us fight our fight, it’s been amazing talking and discussing our mutual goals and actually having the chance to make a change in the community, so to everyone that’s been in contact – thank you so so much, just taking an interest in what we do is amazing let alone joining our fight, I really cant describe how humbled I am by the support weve had.

Back to the title though, football is a huge part of my life, anyone that knows me will know I’m very opinionated when it comes to football, but I have always loved the word ‘Trequartista’ for anyone who is thinking what is that coffee? It’s not, It means versatile, it means you can adapt to any scenario that’s put to you, that’s what we are here.

Because no one is the same you cant be a business that only caters for a target audience, you have to be flexible and understand every situation and find solutions that others couldn’t (much like Roberto Firmino, or Diego Maradona if Bobby isn’t your kind of player) that’s what we do.

We have 12 campaigns that we are structuring as I write this, that’s just for this year, were also hopeful of our first starter funding, in which you may see some STB merchandise! So please keep you’re eyes peeled.

Remember we want to hear from you, theres no set criteria for who we help, so far the people weve been in touch with have left us amazing feedback that really shows we are actively changing the community – so please get involved.

“You cant make people change the way they are, but if you can change the way they see you dont have to” – anon

Thanks again 🙂

Josh x

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