Welcome back…


Josh again, just wanted to update you guys on what’s been happening here 🙂

Weve been in touch with Leyla, an inspiration little girl who is fighting for equality in football, we plan to be standing alongside her in that journey, keep an eye out on our Facebook for a more detailed look into her story.

We were invited down to watch Wots Up FC do a league double, they played some outstanding football in torrid conditions and came home champions, with Dale bagging multiple goals and assists, dale is on board as our ability ambassador! Hes gonna be working along side us in boosting his clubs presence as well as promoting football as an outlet for the disabled community.

We have applied to become a CIC (4 times) it’s so frustrating as every attempt has been foiled by a formatting error! So that hasn’t been great, but hopefully our last application will be successful!

We still need funding, it’s a new area to us so we need help, we dont know how to begin the process so on the financial side of the business it’s a bit slow, and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The business plan is in a drafting process, we have a good amount of detail but were doing so much its hard to put it all into words, but keep updated by following us on social media and hopefully we will have something that looks like a real plan soon!

Please remember to donate and share! We cant work without you.

Lots of love



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