May, June, July…..

Hello again….

(Check the photos at the bottom!)

It’s me Josh, with a little more insight for you on Small To Big.

We’ve been busy – I feel like I say that loads more nowadays, but it’s actually crazy!

We are still looking for funding, and have been focusing on this the last couple of weeks, hopefully I’ll be able to tell you guys some positive news soon, the rebrand is imminent! And I think you’ll all like the new designs, nic has been working tirelessly to maximise the rebrand as much as possible (she’s been very patient, I change my mind a lot) so I know shes excited to release everything.

We were at wots up FC’s end of season awards ceremony on Saturday and it was amazing! Dale was top goalscorer with 35 (not a typo) and I was in awe! The work Lee and everyone does within the squad is amazing, it is truly an Inspiration to us, the fact we were invited meant so much, they worked so hard as a family this year from what I had seen in the limited time I’ve had with the squad, but the message is clear ‘were getting bigger and better’ and I really cant wait to see how they get on and how they all develop as players. Keep it going lads.

So May, June, July! The months pretty much come and go at the moment so I just wanted to tell you guys we are working hard to make a change in Ipswich! My publication on grassroots women’s football is coming along nicely, it has some substance to it and I really feel it’s going to be an eye opener and can help to facilitate a greater equality for women within the game.

This week has been crazy for me personally, I represented my own company in a meeting at ITFC, which is a really big thing to me, the last time I was there was for an interview for a job in the legends bar, so it made me realise how far I have come, if anything, and the stuff the club plan for the community and the people they help is inspiring. We met Andrew, who has been a lawyer for years and years and away from his job is a genuinely nice person, we hope he will be a big part of our family here and you guys will get to know him too! What has been amazing for me is the fact that people have been asking “what can we do for you” I can assure you this is not how I envisioned it Haha, I thought I’d be doing lots of chasing, but so far I’ve been humbled, people are actively seeking change today for everyone, it’s not all doom and gloom and has completely changed my perspective on people in general.

Again, thank you to everyone who continues to help, you know we wouldn’t be here without you, so thanks, dudes.

Lots of love

Josh x